It's official

It's official


We are so excited to be officially launching The Index Collection online!  We have loved meeting so many of you at our local markets, chatting to you on Instagram and facebook. We have loved hearing all your positive feedback about our products and we are so ecstatic to finally be able to yes to those of you asking if we are online. 

We started up The Index Collection because we love to travel & shop, we like to get a bit creative, and we love great design.

Our story all began with a tiny little stall at the Upper Hutt ‘Spring Festival’ on a freezing cold day in September 2014. It took a few months to plan, and 10 minutes to set up. It was so exciting to meet many locals and talking to everyone that stopped by on the day.

A couple of stalls later we had grown three times in size, maximising every part of our allocated space with a marquee for shade from the sun, shelter from the rain and when needed, we could pop the sides down for protection from the wind! Alongside customers and fellow marketers’ the day was filled with great energy. By now we knew we were getting hooked on market life. 

Our most challenging weekend was doing two back-to-back, incredibly busy markets, Martinborough and Newtown Fairs, the most challenging parts were mainly the heat and the feeling of complete exhaustion. By the end…we were running off adrenaline, but we had had so much fun. Would we do it again? YES!

Now that we have a website, it gives us the opportunity to showcase the products we have all year round and to reach more people. We are devoting more of our time to The Index Collection, which until now has been our sideline project. We want to continuously provide our customers with cool new products.

We always love to hear your feedback so please feel free to send us an email at we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks to all of you that have supported us this far ♥︎

Love from,
The Index Collection Team

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