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Being online, The Index Collection is still business as usual. We have some fantastic products in stock ready to send, please do see our new courier information below from New Zealand Couriers. In coming days and weeks, we may find there are some delays with restocking items due to international freight delays, so we thank you in advance if you have to wait a longer period of time for any special orders.


Life across the ocean

It's really important especially more than ever to connect with loved ones. We are so lucky to have Skype, FaceTime and so many social platforms we can use. It doesn't matter where in the world you are! 


Keep healthy and set yourself a routine

As of Friday last week both my husband and I are now both working from home, as schools, businesses, bars, cafes start to close their doors. I have been figuring out the best ways to stay healthy, fit and motivated. I hope this list helps you get through the next few months.

  1.  Eat healthy. Keep eating your leafy greens.
  2. Try to allocate time in the day to exercise.
  3. Create a routine, especially if working from home. 
  4. Cook with Immunity boosting ingredients like garlic and ginger.
  5. Connect with friends and family online (we do this often anyway but definitely a little more lately). 
  6. Vitamin C. 
  7. Drink plenty of water.
  8. Self-care. I know it can be hard when you have the small ones buzzing around all day but try and make sometime for yourself. 
  9. Lastly wash your hands for 30 seconds or more.

    Keep smiling and stay safe,


Keeping life familiar in the unfamiliar

Over the last week as covid-19 has rapidly moved around the world and changed life as we know it for now, being connected to others has been more important than ever, even if it's via skype and messaging apps. It has been hard watching the news and hearing about family and  friends around the world having to self-isolate and close their business doors until further notice, but I have comfort they are all doing what they can to keep safe and well. I'm so grateful to be able to keep in daily contact with Miranda. 

During this time I have done my best to keep things as familiar as possible for my children. While we haven't ventured too far in recent days, we have made sure we practice long hand washes and social distancing when we have gone out. I am getting creative with activities at home, and opportunities to keep active together, walks around the block, gardening, picking up leaves and riding the bikes around the house. It's nice to step away from our information heavy world sometimes. 

Keep safe everyone and lets all do our bit to contain this virus from community spread. 

x Lisa 



March Madness


The March Madness Street Fair in Upper Hutt this weekend has been cancelled. It is totally the right thing to do given the large scale of people who attend this event each year. We were so looking forward to catching up with locals bringing along our beautiful collection of products at great market prices. We have therefore decided to load the market prices onto our website until the end of the weekend.



$5 flat rate shipping for all purchases under $100. Free shipping for all purchases over $100.

– A note from our Courier  –

From 17 March 2020, a blanket Authority to Leave service will be put in place for all residential and business deliveries. To minimise physical contact, Couriers will be required to leave customer parcels at a safe location out of public sighting at the designated delivery address.

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It's official

It's official


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