Jewellery Care and Sizing

Caring for your Jewellery

We want you to be able to enjoy your Jewellery for a long time to come, so here are a few tips (see below) to make sure your Jewellery looks smarter for longer. Tarnishing is normal but may occur faster through lots of different factors, for example your natural skin oils, depending on your skin type, can speed up the process of oxidation and exposure to some natural elements such as sea air and water. Somethings we just can not avoid, but some things we can.


Our Tips and Recommendations

Here are our recommendations for keeping your jewellery looking its best. Keep your jewellery dry, this means we do not recommend washing/showering with your jewellery on. It's always a good idea to sprits your perfume on and let it dry before popping on your jewellery, the same thing applies for moisturising lotions and potions. Sea salt and chlorine are definite no go zones, so before you go for that summer dip in the ocean or at the pool we suggest removing your jewellery and putting it somewhere safe.


A Handy Tip

A handy tip for jewellery when you're not wearing it everyday is to pop it into an air tight zip lock bag. You can pick these up fairly inexpensively and this will mean that your jewellery will remain protected.


Ring Sizing

NZ & Australia USA & Canada Millimetres Inches
J 1/2 5 49.32 1.94
M 6 51.87 2.04
O 7 54.51 2.15
Q 8 57.15


R 9 58.7 2.31


Determining your ring size

Cut a piece of paper into a strip roughly the width of a ring. Now wrap it around your finger and mark the paper with a pen or pencil. Measure it along a ruler or tape measure to determine your size. Make sure you can slip the piece of paper comfortably off your finger.


Special orders

We only carry a limited amount of ring sizes and quantities in our online store. A small selection of our rings are available in more sizes, if your size is not currently available, we can add it to our next stock order. All rings are made to order for us, so they can take 1-3 months to arrive from when we place the order and therefore we cannot guarantee a specific arrival time from our supplier. Busy times of the year like Christmas can hold up orders.

Any special orders must be paid for prior to The Index Collection making the order. We do not accept refunds or exchanges on special orders unless the item is faulty. If a ring is no longer available for production we will refund you the full amount of your special order purchase.

Want to inquire about a special size? Email us at with the subject heading special ring size and a brief message about the style and size you are after.


Necklace Sizing

Determining a necklace size

The length of the necklaces are measured by the full length of the chain – this does not include pendant, clasp, jump rings or connectors. All descriptions have pendant sizing so you can gauge approximately how long the necklace will actually fall – add an extra 2cms (20mm) to include the clasp, jump rings and connectors.

Necklace Care

Some of our necklaces are held together with open jump rings. Open jump rings can pull apart if the necklace is pulled leading the necklace to break. We make sure all of our necklaces are made with strong jump rings to limit this from occurring. Even though we do everything we can to ensure the necklaces we sell are strong some are made with very fine chain so we request that you handle your necklaces with care and avoid wearing your necklace where it can be pulled or stretched apart.

Caring for your Scarves

All of our scarves purchased on our website should be washed by hand. We suggest washing your scarves before wearing, though this is not essential, some dye may rub off onto light coloured clothing. We suggest hand washing with like coloured clothing.

Line dry flat, do not tumble dry.

Avoid contact with abrasive materials such as valcro and zips as this can cause your scarf to snag. Our scarves are delicate and must be handled with care.